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Boycott - Other News Protesting Hewlett Packard's complicity in Israel's war crimes, dungeons and torture dens
Boycott - Other News Alert : 31st Jan - Protest G4S complicity in torture - Free Hares Boys - Free Lena Jarboni
Boycott - Cultural London picket asks Cirque du Soleil to Face the ugly reality of apartheid Israel & cancel Tel Aviv
Boycott - Cultural Alert: Sun 26th Jan 2014 - Picket Cirque du Soleil - Say No To Apartheid!
Boycott - Other News Alert: 21st Dec - Protest Gaza Crisis / Free the Hunger Strikers - Stop Administrative Detention
Boycott - Other News Alert: 6th Dec 2013 - Protest in solidarity with Hares Boys and against G4S complicity in torture of Palestinian children
Boycott - Other News Alert: Alaa Hammad 200 Days on Hunger Strike, BBC 200 Days of Silence - Protest BBC Bias Sun 24th Nov
Boycott - Other News London Vigil delivers letter from Gaza mother to PA demanding release of Gaza fuel
Boycott - Other News Emergency Alert: 13th Nov - Deliver Gaza Mothers message to Palestinian Mission, London - PA release Gaza fuel!
Boycott - Other News Alert: 8th Nov 2013 - UK/London: Global Solidarity with Hares Boys / Protest Saudi G4S Hajj Contract
Boycott - Cultural Alert - Wed 6th Nov - Picket Odeon Swiss Cottage - Protest Israeli Government Sponsored Film Festival
Boycott - Cultural Alert - Patrik Fitzgerald Don't Play Apartheid Israel - Picket London event 26th Oct
Boycott - Other News Alert: 25th Oct 2013 - UK/London: Global Solidarity with Hares Boys / Protest Saudi G4S Hajj Contract
Boycott - Other News Alert - 11th Oct 2013- Protest in solidarity with Jordanian hunger striker Alaa Hammad in Israeli prison
Boycott - Other News Alert: Global solidarity with the Hares Boys - Protests across the world for Palestinian children tortured and caged in Israel
Boycott - Other News Alert: 13th Sept 2013 - Protest in solidarity with hunger striker Alaa Hammad and the other 25 Jordanians in Israeli prisons
Boycott - Other News Alert - 30th Aug : Free the Hares Boys & Free the Nablus 3- Protest G4S complicity in torture of children
Boycott - Other News Alert: 19th August 2013 - Protest in solidarity with hunger striker Alaa Hammad and the other 25 Jordanians in Israeli prisons
Boycott - Other News Alert: Al Quds Day 2013 - Unite for Palestine on Friday 2nd August
Boycott - Other News Alert: Demand Justice for the Hares Boys - Protest G4S complicity in their torture
Boycott - Other News Alert: - Picket Sotheby's Jewel Auction - Sotheby's Steinmetz Blood Diamonds Fund Massacre in Gaza
Boycott - Other News Alert: Protest in solidarity with Jordanian hunger strikers in Israeli prisons
Boycott - Other News Alert: 5th July 2013 - Protest in solidarity with Jordanian hunger strikers in Israeli prisons
Boycott - Other News Shame on Jordan - London protest holds Jordanian government complicit in fate of Jordanian hunger strikers in Israeli prisons
Boycott - Sports Mahmoud Sarsak - Racism and politics in sport: What about the Palestinians?
Boycott - Cultural Alert: Pet Shop Boys Don't Play Apartheid Israel - Picket London event 19th June 2013
Boycott - Cultural Alert: Protest Israeli Government / Israel Lobby sponsored film festival
Boycott - Other News Alert: Protest G4S AGM - securing Israel's torture dens
Boycott - Cultural London picket asks Alicia Keys to boycott apartheid and stand with the oppressed
Boycott - Sports Mahmoud Sarsak - Palestinian Hunger Striker Footballer - London Talk
Boycott - Sports Alert: March on UEFA Annual Congress - Kick Israel out of UEFA, Free Palestinian Footballers
Boycott - Cultural Alert: Julien Clerc dont play Apartheid Israel - Picket London concert 8th May
Boycott - Cultural London picket asks Julien Clerc to respect Palestinian call to boycott Israel
Boycott - Other News Protest holds G4S complicit in Israel's childrens dungeon
Boycott - Other News Alert: Protest G4S complicity in torture of Palestinian children, 3rd May 4:30pm outside G4S HQ
Boycott - Other News Stop Administrative Detention - Palestinian Prisoners Day protest holds G4S complicit
Boycott - Other News Protesters challenge grotesque celebration of 65 years of ethnic cleansing
Boycott - Other News Protest the shameful celebration of 65 years of ethnic cleansing
Boycott - Other News Alert: Palestinian Prisoners Day Protest outside G4S Friday 19th April 4:30-6:30pm
Boycott - Other News Protest at BBC's Israel lobby appointment and reporting blackout on hunger strikers
Boycott - Other News Sotheby's Diamonds accused of funding massacre in Gaza
Boycott - Other News Alert: Protest - Sotheby's Steinmetz Blood Diamonds Fund Massacre in Gaza
Boycott - Other News Alert: Over 250 days of silence - Protest BBC reporting blackout on Palestinian hunger strikers
Boycott - Other News Protest demands BBC lift reporting blackout on Palestinian hunger strikers
Boycott - Other News Emergency Protest - Arafat Jaradat tortured to death in G4S secured Israeli prison
Boycott - Other News Alert: Over 200 days of silence - Protest BBC blackout on reporting plight of Palestinian hunger strikers
Boycott - Economic - World Palestinians call for a boycott of Israeli diamonds
Boycott - Other News G4S Protest - Delivering the voice of the oppressed prisoners
Boycott - Other News Alert - Protest G4S : Securing Israel's Torture Dens - Fri 1st Feb 2013
Boycott - Other News Protest BBC Bias - 21 million articles, but no mention of Palestinian hunger strikers
Boycott - Other News Alert - Protest G4S Complicity In Torture Of Palestinian Children - Fri 21st Dec 2012
Boycott - Other News G4S HQ Protest - Complicity in Torture of Palestinian Children
Boycott - Other News Alert - Protest Outside Parliament in Solidarity with Imprisoned Palestinian MPs and Hunger Strikers
Boycott - Other News Boycott FAQ - Should we boycott Facebook?
Boycott - Economic - World Jewellers slept soundly while children in Gaza were bombed by Israel
Boycott - Other News Alert: Gaza Under Attack! Protest Friday 2pm
Boycott - Other News Free all Palestinian MPs and Ministers
Boycott - Other News Alert - Protest G4S Complicity In Torture Of Palestinian Children - Fri 9th Nov
Boycott - Other News Final Preparation - Protest in Solidarity with Imprisoned Palestinian MPs
Boycott - Other News Alert - Protest in Solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian MPs
Boycott - Other News G4S complicit in torture of children - Protest outside London HQ
Boycott - Other News Preparation For Protest Against G4S Complicity In Torture Of Palestinian Children
Boycott - Other News Alert - Protest G4S Complicity In Torture Of Palestinian Children
Boycott - Other News Free the Children - Protest in Solidarity with Palestinian Child Prisoners and the Hunger Strikers
Boycott - Other News Alert: Protest in solidarity with Palestinian child prisoners & hunger strikers
Boycott - Other News 150 Days Hunger Strike Solidarity Protest
Boycott - Other News London protest demands freedom for Palestinian hunger strikers as Israel withholds medicine to break strike
Boycott - Other News Alert: Demonstration in solidarity with Palestinian hunger-strikers
Boycott - Other News Vigil for Palestinian hunger striker Akram Rikhawi
Boycott - Economic - World Massacre survivors cry out for justice
Boycott - Economic - World Alert: Protest Samouni Massacre Blood Diamond in Tower of London
Boycott - Other News Free Hassan Safadi and Samer al-Barq - solidarity protest outside Israeli Embassy
Boycott - Other News Palestinian Prisoners and Our Responsibility
Boycott - Other News Alert: Emergency protest in solidarity with Palestinian hunger -strikers Hassan Safadi and Samer al-Barq
Boycott - Other News London Al Quds Day - Friday 17th August
Boycott - Economic - World Londoners Reject De Beers Forevermark Israeli Blood Diamond
Boycott - Economic - World London Shopkeepers Embrace 'Boycott Israeli Dates Campaign'
Boycott - Economic - World Your Majesty Say No! To Israeli Blood Diamonds In The Tower!
Boycott - Economic - World Help Us Distribute 'Boycott Israeli Dates' Leaflets
Boycott - Economic - World Steinmetz Blood Diamond Protest At Tower of London
Other George Galloway - Solidarity with the Middle East Revolution
Boycott - Economic - World Protesting Queen's Jubilee Blood Diamond Funding Samouni Massacre in Gaza
Boycott - Other News Let Sarsak Live! Palestinian footballer, 80 days on hunger strike
Boycott - Cultural Bob Geldof don't support Israeli apartheid
Boycott - Other News Protests plague Lieberman JNF visit
Boycott - Cultural Theatre under occupation: Ashtar at Shakespeare's Globe
Boycott - Cultural Protesting Shakespeare's Globe Theatre 'complicity in human right violations'
Other London protest against Formula One in Bahrain
Boycott - Other News Hana Shalabi - Victory or Martyrdom
Boycott - Cultural Colonization of the Mind: Normalize This!
Boycott - Economic - World Gaza sports ministry calls for Adidas boycott
Boycott - Economic - World Why Boycott Strauss?
Boycott - Other News London Vigil for Gaza
Boycott - Other News Education as Resistance - Jordan Valley Solidarity
Boycott - Other News Existence is Resistance - Jordan Valley Solidarity
Other Hands Off Iran Protest Outside US Embassy
Boycott - Economic - World Love for Imam Husayn
Boycott - Other News Gaza Massacre Remembered
Boycott - Israel Supporters Palestine Pete joins Bin Veolia Protest at the Natural History Museum
Boycott - Cultural Arch Enemy Cancel Your Apartheid Tour
Other Don't Attack Iran
Boycott - Other News Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Corporate Complicity in Violations of International Law - What can lawyers in the UK do?
Boycott - Other News Remi Kanazi - Poetic Injustice
Boycott - Cultural MF Doom - Dont' Rap For Apartheid
Boycott - Other News Norman Finkelstein Workshop: How you can help the Palestinian cause
Boycott - Academic Norman Finkelstein & Jonathan Rosenhead on BDS
Boycott - Israel Supporters Veolia Greenwashing At Natural History Museum
Other Love Letters to Gaza
Boycott - Israel Supporters Bin Veolia Protest at the Natural History Museum
Boycott - Other News Why we need a boycott of Israel on our campuses
Other Babar Ahmad, The Clock is Ticking
Other Welcome to Palestine 2012 - International Initiative
Other Antiwar Mass Assembly - 8th October 2011, London
Boycott - Economic - Europe Why Boycott Marks & Spencer 2011?
Boycott - Economic - World War and shopping - an extremism that never speaks its name
Other Bantustans and the unilateral declaration of statehood
Boycott - Other News Veolia AGM - BDS Action For Palestine
Boycott - Academic Benny Morris - historian or plain old racist?
Other Is Israel applying apartheid?
Boycott - Tourism Israel ordered to withdraw 'untruthful' advert showing West Bank as part of Israel
Boycott - Zionist Lobby How a Zionist anti-boycott lobby is financed
Other Ramzy Baroud: My Father Was A Freedom Fighter - Gaza's Untold Story
Other Life Changing Visit to Palestine
Other Women United in the Intifada
Boycott - Other News British minister endorses election trap to de-legitimize Hamas
Boycott - Other News Omar Barghouti - BDS: Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights
Boycott - Other News Jordan Valley - Apartheid and Exploitation [Presentation in House of Commons]
Boycott - Other News Shir Hever: The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation
Boycott - Other News Dashed Hopes - Continuation of the Gaza Blockade
Boycott - Academic Why we need an Academic Boycott of Israel
Other Victory to the Egyptian Revolution
Boycott - Other News Rally for Gaza
Boycott - Economic - Europe Israel's Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics forced out of shopping centres in Ireland and Scotland
Boycott - Other News Tzipi Livni cancels South Africa trip amid fear of war crimes arrest
Boycott - Cultural Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp boycott Israel
Boycott - Economic - Europe BDS Movement Victory: John Lewis Stops Stocking Ahava Products in Britain
Boycott - Economic - World Sydney Council boycotts Israel
Boycott - Academic Israeli academics to boycott settlement college
Boycott - Economic - World Store boycotts Zionist Federation - 'Keep your blood money'
Boycott - Economic - World The First Victory of the BDS Campaign against Israel in Japan
Boycott - Zionist Lobby King County Executive Prevents "Israeli War Crimes" bus ads from appearing
Boycott - Economic - Europe 'Israel Off Your Trolley' BDS Protest in Newcastle
Boycott - Economic - World Knesset members urge boycott of Israeli companies building new Palestinian city
Boycott - Economic - World Turkish Initiative Calls for Boycott Against Israel
Boycott - Other News Rabbis’ wives urge Jewish women not to date or work with Arabs
Boycott - Other News 50 municipal rabbis: Don't rent flats to Arabs
Boycott - Euro News Former EU leaders call to sanction and boycott Israel
Boycott - Cultural WikiLeaks: Arab League boycotts Spielberg after Israel war donation
Boycott - Economic - World Israeli companies building Palestinian city are boycotting settlements
Boycott - Economic - World BDS 2010: More Powerful Than the Sword
Boycott - Israel Supporters Dump Veolia Protest at the Natural History Museum, London
Boycott - Other News The Question Of The Jews - Imam Khomeini
Boycott - Other News Al Quds Day - Is it for you?
Boycott - Economic - Europe Thousands demand that Dunnes stop stocking Israeli goods
Boycott - Other News Flotilla Eyewitness Speaks: Alex Harrison
Boycott - Economic - World Food co-op in Rachel Corrie's hometown boycotts Israeli goods
Boycott - Media Bias Panorama parrots Israel’s propaganda
Boycott - Economic - Europe British Muslims urged to boycott Israeli dates during Ramadan
Boycott - Cultural 150 Irish artists pledge to boycott Israel
Boycott - Academic No room for Arab students at Israeli universities
Boycott - Other News Settlers beat 10-year-old Palestinian girl
Boycott - Arms Israel's video game killing technology
Boycott - Divestment Harvard Divests From Israel
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Israel's gay propaganda war
Boycott - Other News Is being Arab Israel's criteria for rape?
Boycott - Economic - Europe Palestine Solidarity Settlement created in Brighton Supermarket
Boycott - Other News Israeli female soldier confesses to her involvement in killing Palestinian child
Boycott - Cultural Palestine protesters set to demonstrate at Leeds Johnny Rotten gig
Lebanon Hezbollah chief's speeches sway Israeli opinion more than any Arab leader
Boycott - Tourism Israeli diplomat's bid to 're-brand' Israel
Boycott - Arms Belgian Trade union Federation Adopts Boycott
Boycott - Economic - World India's Cochin Port Union Boycotts Israeli Ships and Cargo
Boycott - Economic - World British firm cuts ties with Israeli company
Boycott - Divestment Church of England reviews stake in Israeli rail
Boycott - Academic Woodcraft Folk youth movement joins Israel Boycott
Boycott - Economic - World Still Boycott Marks and Spencer?
Boycott - Academic India chapter formed to campaign against Israel
Boycott - Other News Swansea City Council Ban Future Contracts with Veolia
Boycott - Academic Israeli academics hit back over bid to pass law that would criminalise them
Boycott - Other News BDS campaign wants Israel to abide by international law
Boycott - Economic - World Jordanian workers urged not to handle Israeli goods
Boycott - Tourism 'Israel Map' Withdrawn from London Tube
Boycott - Tourism Activists 'decorate' Israel Ministry of Tourism billboards
Boycott - Tourism Advertising Standards Authority rules Israel tourism advert 'misleading'
Boycott - Cultural Dustin Hoffman and Meg Ryan boycott Israeli film festival followiing flotilla massacre
Boycott - Israel Supporters IDF Military contractor awarded record $800 million deal with BT
Boycott - Israel Supporters IKEA furnishing the occupation
Boycott - Economic - World Spanish stores boycott Israeli game
Boycott - Other News Dismantling the Israeli state is key
Boycott - Economic - World Turkish Dock Workers Union Joins Boycott against Israel
Boycott - Economic - World Swedish dockworkers boycott Israeli ships
Boycott - Economic - World Ahmadinejad orders ban on Israeli goods
Boycott - Economic - World Methodist Church to boycott goods from illegal Israeli settlements
Boycott - Economic - World Palestinian boycott of Israeli settlement goods starts to bite
Boycott - Israel Supporters Kimberly-Clark profiting from the occupation
Boycott - Economic - World Historic Victory at Oakland Port – Israeli Ship Blocked from Unloading
Boycott - Sports Time to kick Israel out of European football
Boycott - Economic - Europe UK's largest union calls for Israel boycott
Boycott - Economic - World South African trade unions call for boycott of Israeli apartheid
Boycott - Other News Isolate apartheid Israel
Boycott - Other News The Boycott Divestment Sanctions Movement
Boycott - Cultural Devendra Banhart cancels Tel Aviv show
Boycott - Cultural Elton John aside, Israelis feel growing isolation
Boycott - Cultural Irish Singer Concert In Israel Canceled
Boycott - Economic - World Sephora taken to court over products from Israeli brand Ahava
Boycott - Israel Supporters Volvo equipment: effective tool in the Israeli occupation of Palestine
Boycott - Cultural French theatres cancels Israeli film in protest of flotilla raid
Boycott - Economic - Europe Two Italian grocery chains to boycott Israeli produce
Boycott - Academic The fight against Israeli apartheid
Boycott - Economic - Europe Irish megastore bans Israeli potatoes
Boycott - Cultural Small step towards a boycott of Israel
Boycott - Arms Sweden, Norway Act Against Israel
Boycott - Cultural On the Cultural Boycott
Boycott - Academic University and College Union passes BDS resolutions
Boycott - Economic - Europe 40% of Norwegians - Ban Israeli products
Boycott - Economic - World The Swedish dockers’ union decides on a blockade against Israeli ships and goods
Boycott - Sports After flotilla raid, Sweden wants out of soccer match with Israel
Boycott - Other News Nicaragua suspends diplomatic ties with Israel
Boycott - Economic - World Palestinian Trade Union Movement Calls on International Dockworkers Unions to Block Loading/Offloading Israeli Ships
Boycott - Other News Israel plans to send bill to Palestinians over boycotts
Boycott - Other News Recalling the anti-apartheid spirit
Boycott - Cultural Lebanese call for Placebo gig boycott over Israel
Boycott - Cultural Pixies, Klaxons, Gorillaz Join Growing Boycott of Israel
Boycott - Cultural Madrid bans Israelis from gay pride march over Gaza flotilla raid
Boycott - Cultural Dylan sheet music site boycotts Israeli web users
Boycott - Other News Gaza Freedom Flotilla Massacre London Demos - Photo report
Boycott - Economic - World Iran calls for ban on Israeli products
Boycott - Arms Ride for Palestine - Stop Arming Israel
Boycott - Zionist Lobby US journalist fired over Israel remarks
Boycott - Other News Gaza Flotilla: National Demo Sat 5 June
Boycott - Other News Eyewitness to Gaza Freedom Flotilla Massacre
Boycott - Other News Israeli commandos attack Gaza aid flotilla killing at least 19 - Emergency demo called
Boycott - Economic - World Boycott Blues
Boycott - Academic Banned by Israel, Chomsky gives W.Bank lecture by video
Boycott - Economic - World Palestinians turn to boycott in West Bank
Boycott - Other News Boycotting the boycotters
Boycott - Economic - World Boycott Israel fatwa issued in Jordan
Boycott - Cultural Elvis Costello cancels concerts in Israel in protest at treatment of Palestinians
Boycott - Other News US funds apartheid road network in Israel
Boycott - Other News Al-Nakba 2010 - We Will Not Forget - London Protest
Boycott - Economic - World Jordan Union To Fight For Boycott
Boycott - Other News Egypt and Syria boycott Lieberman
Boycott - Economy and Trade News OECD slammed for admitting Israel
Boycott - Cultural The Meaning & Importance of Cultural Boycotts
Boycott - Other News Hundreds rally over arrest of Israeli-Palestinian human rights activist
Boycott - Economic - World Israeli Companies Liable to Awaken Huge Political Boycott throughout World
Boycott - Cultural Defying appeal from Gaza students, Atwood set to accept Israeli prize
Boycott - Academic Amitav Ghosh lands in controversy over Israeli literary award
Boycott - Other News Countering the soft war
Boycott - Cultural Armatrading: Oppose Apartheid Israel as you would have opposed Apartheid South Africa!
Boycott - Cultural Fifty-Seven organizations and artists thank Gil Scott-Heron for heeding Palestinian call to boycott Israel
Boycott - Cultural After Gaza, Israel Grapples With Crisis of Isolation
Boycott - Economic - Europe Palestine activists target H&M opening in Brixton
Boycott - Economic - World Israeli Arabs ban settlement products
Boycott - Economic - World Boycott puts the squeeze on Jewish settlers
Boycott - Economic - World Cosmetics company on settlement withdraws from West Bank
Boycott - Other News Israel's secret police vet candidates for imam
Boycott - Other News An Open letter to Mr. Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa
Boycott - Other News Drops in ocean that turned tide
Boycott - Other News Gaza 2009: The Moment of Truth
Boycott - Cultural Gil Scott-Heron boycotts Tel Aviv, sends powerful message to Israelis
Boycott - Divestment Scottish Trade Unions Call for Boycott of Israel
Boycott - Economic - World Palestinian students commit to sweeping Israel boycotts
Boycott - Other News Who said nearly 50 years ago that Israel was an Apartheid State?
Boycott - Other News Lebanon to boycott Israeli participation in Euro-Mediterranean meetings
Boycott - Cultural Gil Scott Heron to boycott Israel?
Boycott - Other News El Al sued for racial profiling
Boycott - Economic - Europe UK supermarket still selling illegal Israeli goods, says charity
Boycott - Academic Arab reps boycott Med student event
Boycott - Economic - World PA: Palestinian work in settlements will stop this year
Boycott - Divestment Israel supporters, opponents face off at Berkeley
Boycott - Divestment Georgetown University - Student urge divestment from Israel
Boycott - Economic - Europe Swedish consumer group urges Israel boycott
Boycott - Economic - Europe Irish Congress of Trade Unions to seek ways to support sanctions against Israel
Boycott - Other News An immaculate conception?
Boycott - Cultural Gil Scott Heron - Don't play in Tel Aviv
Boycott - Other News Smash EDO meets the Weather Underground
Boycott - Zionist Lobby The Lewis Trust Group, its donations to Conservative constituency parties, think tanks and Palestinian Media Watch
Boycott - Economic - Europe Don't buy settlement goods, says TUC
Boycott - Divestment Singling out Israel is the right thing to do
Boycott - Cultural Palestine group's race harassment case thrown out of court
Boycott - Economy and Trade News Alex Salmond calls for Israel trade rethink
Boycott - Cultural Filmmaker Loach urges cultural boycott of Israel
Boycott - Academic Gaza students call on Margaret Atwood to boycott Israel
Boycott - Divestment The BNC salutes Arizona health professionals standing up for Palestinian human rights
Boycott - Other News Christian leaders call for 'permits' boycott
Boycott - Economy and Trade News URGENT ALERT: Palestine– Write to the Turkish PM Erdogan to veto Israel’s accession to the OECD
Boycott - Other News Israel: total boycott against total occupation
Boycott - Cultural Egyptian Culture Minister: We will boycott Israeli film
Boycott - Cultural Egyptians quit French film festival over Israeli entry
Boycott - Economic - Europe Israeli West Bank food company fakes address for EU markets
Boycott - Economic - Europe Swedish fashion chain H&M under pressure
Boycott - Economic - World Israel's blood diamonds
Boycott - Other News Should Israel Birthright Include Implication For Occupied Territories?
Boycott - Other News Oglala Lakota traveler sees 'deep parallels' in Palestine
Boycott - Economic - World Boycott Israel campaign hits Chapters and Mountain Equipment Co-op
Boycott - Divestment Swedish pension giant shuns Israeli arms maker
Boycott - Economic - Europe Pickets against Ahava build momentum
Boycott - Cultural Protesters disrupt performance by the Jerusalem Quartet in London
Boycott - Economic - Europe London supermarket occupied in Israel boycott
Boycott - Economic - Europe Israel expresses anger at new Palestine food labels
Boycott - Other News Free Gaza Movement buys 1200 Tonne Cargo Ship in Ireland
Boycott - Other News Inquiry call after video evidence clears London-Gaza protester
Boycott - Arms MPs call for review of arms exports after Israeli assault on Gaza
Boycott - Academic Should the EU subsidise Israeli security?
Boycott - Divestment Religion in today's world: Boycott Israel?
Boycott - Divestment The BNC Applauds the University of Michigan-Dearborn Student Government for its Decision to Promote Divestment
Boycott - Other News Settlements have cost Israel $17 billion, study finds
Boycott - Other News Bedouin family denied right to rent home in Israel
Boycott - Media Bias Research suggests BBC Arabic coverage not objective
Boycott - Other News Israel’s apartheid: Making Palestinians pay for Hitler’s crimes
Boycott - Cultural Santana canceled concert because of anti-Israel pressure
Boycott - Cultural British academics urge Elton John to cancel Israel concert
Boycott - Academic Israeli construction ban forces Yatta children to learn in tents
Boycott - Divestment UC Berkeley student senate votes in favor of divestment
Boycott - Economy and Trade News Europe's highest court rejects preferential EU treatment for products made in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory
Boycott - Divestment Should California Divest from Israel?
Boycott - Economic - World Costco Targeted for Selling Israeli Products
Boycott - Israel Supporters Evidence of British company Lee Cooper trading in illegal Israeli settlement
Other Imam Achmad Cassiem - One Oppresssor One Bullet
Boycott - Economic - World Unilever to sell stake in plant based in West Bank settlement
Boycott - Divestment Presbyterian Group Calls For U.S. Aid Freeze
Boycott - Economic - World H&M Whitewashing Israel's Colonization of Jerusalem, BDS National Committee calls for Boycotting H&M!
Boycott - Other News 50% Israeli youth against equal rights for Arabs
Boycott - Economic - Europe Flouting its own laws, EU accommodates 'Made in Israel'
Other A Conversation With Imam Achmad Cassiem
Boycott - Economic - World Israeli oranges 'on sale in Iran'
Boycott - Economic - Europe Boycott helpline at Tesco
Boycott - Divestment Israeli winery leaves premises in illegal West Bank settlement
Boycott - Divestment Swedish firm to quit West Bank
Boycott - Israel Supporters Dell Purchses Israeli Data Firm
Boycott - Economic - Europe Dell customer told: Sorry, we're boycotting Israel
Boycott - Economic - Europe Protest Against Swedish Clothing Store Chain H&M, Which Plans to Open Outlets in Israel
Boycott - Other News Israel's unfair 'law of return'
Boycott - Sports What does Israel have against a Palestinian stadium?
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Zionist strategy report on combating Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions
Boycott - Economic - Europe Sussex Students' Union agrees Israel boycott
Boycott - Other News Settlers destroy natural spring used by Palestinians for farming near Salfit
Boycott - Cultural Protesters disrupt Israeli film festival in Paris
Boycott - Economic - Europe French protest import of Israeli settlement goods
Boycott - Academic Italian Professors Denounce Complicity of Israeli Academic Institutions in the Occupation
Boycott - Divestment Historic Student Divestment Resolution Passed at University of Michigan, Dearborn
Boycott - Cultural 500 Artists Against Israeli Apartheid
Boycott - Other News Fascists attack Al-Quds demonstration
Boycott - Other News Demographic threat : '1 in 4 Israelis would consider leaving country if Iran gets nukes'
Boycott - Economic - World Israeli exporters forced to slash prices due to boycott
Boycott - Economic - World Ahmadinejad vs. Coca Cola
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Boycott battle to cost £1m a year
Other I am Hussain..
Lebanon How Hezbollah Defeated Israel
Boycott - Economic - World Hertz withdraws from Israeli airline deal
Boycott - Sports Egyptian soccer player punished for "Sympathize With Gaza" shirt, double standards?
Boycott - Economic - Europe Turkey boycotts Israeli child killers
Boycott - Economic - World Israel Fear: Turkey may pull deals with Israel
Boycott - Economic - Europe UK company boycotts Israeli consumers
Boycott - Hoax News Lidl and Aldi donating revenue to Israel for Gaza campaign?
Boycott - Economic - Europe British telecom firm severs ties with Israeli counterparts due to Gaza attacks
Boycott - Other News Nasrallah - The Gaza solution lies in Egypt
Other Sheikh Mohammad Ali Shomali - Spirituality and Community
Boycott - Other News An Interview with Ilan Pappé and Noam Chomsky - On the Future of Israel and Palestine
Other U.S. House: End terrorist label for Mandela
Boycott - Economic - World Organization Starts Petition Drive To Re-Open Boycott Israel Office In Bahrain
Boycott - Other News Canadian Jews form alternative pressure group
Boycott - Other News Hamas: Resistance remains our only option
Boycott - Israel Supporters Protest In London Against Israel’s Invitation To Turin Book Fair
Boycott - Sports IDF checkpoints force Palestinian rally drivers to race indoors
Boycott - Israel Supporters Homes in illegal Israeli settlements for sale at London expo
Boycott - Israel Supporters Activists Call for Boycott of Diamond Giant Leviev for Support of Israeli Settlements
Boycott - Other News Mercaz HaRav - a training centre for illegal occupation, murder and 'Arabs to the Gas Chambers'
Boycott - Israel Supporters The Jewish National Fund (JNF)
Boycott - Israel Supporters Israel's royal welcome - JNF 60th Anniversary at Windsor Castle
Boycott - Other News Interview with a female detainee imprisoned by Israel
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Scandal of Zionist funding of Britain's Labour Party
Boycott - Israel Supporters Exported Israeli settlement products
Boycott - Other News Christmas against the Apartheid Wall
Boycott - Israel Supporters Oxfam Looks to Clear Its Name in Donor Controversy
Boycott - Economic - World Gaza petrol stations boycott Israeli fuel shipments in protest
Boycott - Other News Jewish Agency Man Brought in 200 Non-Jews as Jews
Boycott - Campus News LSE Union Demands Divestment from Israel
Boycott - Israel Supporters Protesters Blockade Israeli State Owned Company Carmel Agrexco
Boycott - Cultural Visiting U.S. singer Badu says she backs Farrakhan, Palestinian cause
Boycott - Campus News Largest grouping of British universities against Israeli policy in history
Boycott - Other News US orders companies to boycott Arab countries to counter Israel boycott!
Boycott - Israel Supporters Protesters Call For Boycott of Lev Leviev’s Conflict Diamonds
Boycott - Campus News LSE Union Divided as Students Condemn Israel's Apartheid Regime
Boycott - Other News Senator: U.S. to boycott UN anti-racism meet due to anti-Israel agenda
Boycott - Cultural Book Fair’s Plans to Honor Israel Lead to Protests
Boycott - Cultural On the Boycott Appeal: Israel as the "Guest of Honor" at the Book Fairs in Turin and Paris
Boycott - Cultural A barbarian act masked as culture
Boycott - Cultural Italian polemic on the boycott of the Turin Book Fair
Boycott - Cultural Why I Will Not Participate in the Turin Book Fair
Boycott - Cultural Human Rights Groups ask the Beatles to boycott Israel’s Anniversary
Boycott - Cultural Nonviolent call to action: boycott Israel at 60 celebrations
Boycott - Zionist Lobby The shadowy role of Labour Friends of Israel
Boycott - Zionist Lobby New Israel lobby ‘not taking on Bicom’
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Group urges Standards Committee to stamp out Israeli influence that paralyses heart of British government
Boycott - Other News Galloway on Palestine (Respect Youth Event)
Boycott - Israel Supporters Israeli Science and Technology related companies database
Boycott - Cultural British critic of Israel to head 60th anniversary film festival
Boycott - Cultural Beatles, don't let it be! Palestinian Dispossession and Israeli Apartheid are no Cause for Celebration
Boycott - Israel Supporters Starbucks at Guantanamo
Boycott - Israel Supporters The sweatshop high street - Marks and Spencer among brands under fire
Lebanon Jewish-American academic deplores Israel's massacres
Boycott - Other News Tightening The Noose Around Gaza - Interview with Dr.Azzam Tamimi
Lebanon Italian Soccer Team Adopts Hizbullah Logo to boost "Fighting Spirit"
Boycott - Israel Supporters My time at M&S
Boycott - Israel Supporters Marks and Spencer in free speech storm
Boycott - Israel Supporters Marks & Spencer Calls the Shots: Israeli Textile Firms Flourish in Jordan and Egypt
Boycott - Israel Supporters Marks and Spencer: ally of Israel
Iran The Secret War Against Iran
Boycott - Campus News Union of Jewish Students caught recruiting for the Israeli Army
Boycott - Other News Socialists unite with Zionists against Palestine Demo
Other Imam Achmad Cassiem - A Talk To Students
Lebanon Qana Massacre - One Year On
Boycott - Academic LSE Students Occupy Board Meeting in Protest at Director's 'Pro-Israeli' Stance
Boycott - Other News An important marker has been passed
Boycott - Academic The Case for Academic Boycott against Israel
Boycott - Academic Israel Boycott Campaign Momentum Grows
Boycott - Economic - World Pushing in Ann Arbor for boycott of Israel
Lebanon In south Lebanon, resistance from cradle to grave
Boycott - Other News Hackers protest US, Israeli actions on UN website
Boycott - Zionist Lobby New staff for Israel Lobby
Boycott - Other News A Palestinian Miracle at the UN?
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Members of Congress Head to Israel for Summer Sun and Summitry
Boycott - Arms UK blocks Israel arms deals
Boycott - Other News Draft-Dodging In Israel
Boycott - Israel Supporters Muslim delegation visits Israel, earns wide condemnation
Boycott - Economic - World Boycott movement targets Israel
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Gagged in Chicago
Boycott - Economic - World US Lutherans consider Israel boycott
Boycott - Arms Israel, United States sign record-high military aid deal
Boycott - Israel Supporters Palestinian Flag Hoisted at Agrexco Carmel
Other The Invisible Government - Pilger
Other Reporting War - Normalizing the Unthinkable
Lebanon Art of war: Open-air exhibition in Dahiyeh takes visitors on a tour of conflict
Boycott - Divestment Methodists concerned with Israeli occupation - N.E. Conference pushes to divest
Boycott - Israel Supporters Indigo's Israel problem - Activists throw book at CEO's scholarship fund for soldiers
Boycott - Other News Colored tags for Arabs' luggage at Ben Gurion airport discontinued
Boycott - Economic - World US fines firm for selling to Pakistan without report
Boycott - Other News Boycott gathers pace as friends fall away
Boycott - Other News Israel boycott campaign momentum grows
Iran Why Israel Is Backing the Saudi Arms Deal
Boycott - Other News Sharp rise in Israelis seeking German citizenship
Boycott - Other News Bill allocating JNF land to Jews only passes preliminary reading
Boycott - Other News 1 in 4 Israeli Men Dodge The Draft
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Jewish group wants Outremont Liberal pulled from byelection
Boycott - Cultural Israeli Musicians issue joint peace manifesto
Boycott - Economy and Trade News Public strikes could paralyze Israel
Boycott - Academic 'Dubai' bill targets boycott
Boycott - Academic Should we consider a boycott of Israeli academic institutions? Yes
Iran Iranian Jews say no to Israeli offer
Boycott - Economic - Europe Irish Congress Of Trade Unions Calls For Israel Boycott And Divestment
Boycott - Arms Indo-Israeli air defence project gets green light
Lebanon French Lebanon talks are kowtowing to Hezbollah
Iran Iran divestment campaign in trouble
Boycott - Other News What Christians Don't Know About Israel
Boycott - Academic Israel boycott appropriate for uniquely brutal society
Boycott - Other News Suspicious fire guts US anti-Zionist synagogue
Boycott - Other News NUJ calls for investiagtion of Israel's 'deliberate targeting' of journalist
Boycott - Economic - Europe NUJ to “take no further action” on AGM boycott call
Boycott - Other News Corrie family asks court to reinstate case against Caterpillar
Boycott - Israel Supporters Dutch gov't warns company to stop work on W. Bank fence
Lebanon 'UN to deem Sheba Farms Lebanese'
Boycott - Israel Supporters Israel advocates say funds tight
Boycott - Economic - Europe My week of buying only Israeli goods
Boycott - Economic - Europe TGWU - Major British workers' union joins moves to boycott Israel
Boycott - Other News Church leaders call for ending illegal occupation of Palestinian territories
Boycott - Euro News Boycotting Israel: the pros and cons
Boycott - Academic Boycott - The weapon of the weak
Lebanon An Encounter with a Fighter - Meeting Nasrallah
Lebanon Is Nasrallah an anti-Semite?
Boycott - Economic - Europe Galway IPSC : Israeli Blood Diamonds fund war crimes - No Tanks
Boycott - Other News One State or Two States - Pappe vs Avnery debate
Boycott - Other News Israel's cabinet decides to send 4 Jordanian prisoners home to serve out sentences
Boycott - Other News Charities wage war on Israel
Boycott - Economic - Europe T&G urges a ban on Israeli goods
Boycott - Academic Why Boycott Israel? Because It’s Good for You
Boycott - Academic Boycott letters - World Socialist Web Site
Boycott - Other News Ronnie Kasrils' speech to S. African Parliament on 40th anniversary of occupation
Boycott - Other News The trap of recognising Israel
Boycott - Academic Jews behind campaign to boycott Israel
Boycott - Economic - Europe UK trade union backs total boycott of Israel
Boycott - Zionist Lobby U.S. to increase military aid to Israel in decade-long deal
Boycott - Arms In Tense Times, Israeli Arms Biz Booms
Boycott - Arms Gaza: Not Just a Prison, a Laboratory
Boycott - Israel Supporters Union refuses to hand over £2,000 to 'Zionist' editor
Boycott - Academic Lecturer speaks out over boycott of Israel's universities row
Boycott - Economic - Europe Largest UK Union may join boycott of Israel
Boycott - Euro News U.K.'s boycotters of Israel support a single-state solution
Boycott - Euro News Fears spread of UK boycott campaign
Boycott - Other News The Brutal Fatwas in Israel
Boycott - Sports Life At Racist Israeli Club
Boycott - Academic Haifa University professor: We need to shoot all Arabs
Boycott - Other News And now, a fetus
Boycott - Other News Bushra's final exam
Boycott - Other News Is it Apartheid?
Boycott - Academic Israeli ministers discuss British boycott threats amid plans for retaliatory action
Iran Ahmadinejad: Countdown to Israel destruction has begun
Lebanon Hezbollah seizes initiative as Israel is racked by doubt
Boycott - Academic Why pick on Israel? Because its actions are wrong
Boycott - Academic Legal star will 'ruin' supporters of boycott
Boycott - Other News UN rejects Jewish National Fund's application for consultative status
Boycott - Academic British minister to visit Israel, discuss plan for academic ban
Boycott - Other News ANC backs anti-Israel protest
Boycott - Academic South Africa and Hamas - Why Jewish S. African minister forms friendships with Israel's enemies
Boycott - Academic Israel urged to lift ban on Palestinian students
Boycott - Academic Presenting Israeli lobby as neutral party in Academic Boycott - letter to The Guardian
Lebanon Humbling of the supertroops shatters Israeli army morale
Lebanon IDF: Lebanon war cost NIS 11.2 billion ($ 2.8 billion) in military expenses alone
Boycott - Economic - World Time to cut Israel off
Boycott - Other News Destroying Hamas
Boycott - Academic We Deserve the British Academic Boycott!
Boycott - Academic UK lecturers vote to join boycott of Israeli universities
Boycott - Academic For Gaza's students, classes by 'remote control'
Boycott - Other News Iranian MPs Protest Israeli Crimes
Boycott - Academic The only weapon available
Boycott - Cultural Opposing the architects of the occupation
Boycott - Cultural Hollow Land: Israel's Architecture of Occupation
Boycott - Academic Throw a pebble at Goliath: don't buy Israeli produce
Boycott - Academic Israeli, U.K. academics meet to discuss proposed academic boycott
Boycott - Economic - World South Africa: Cosatu Calls for Boycott of Israel
Boycott - Cultural Palestinian group urges Rolling Stones to boycott Israel
Boycott - Academic On the Academic Boycott of Israel
Boycott - Zionist Lobby US University Snubs UAE Over Israel
Boycott - Cultural Building Design: Big names urge Israelis to end ‘oppressive’ works
Boycott - Academic Silence means a boycott is justified
Boycott - Israel Supporters Nobel laureate cancels UK trip over Israel boycott
Boycott - Cultural British architects call for banning Israel from Biennale
Boycott - Sports Kick Israeli Apartheid Out of Football
Lebanon Nasrallah: Arab peace plan is lifeline for Olmert
Boycott - Other News Lod residents protest Arab neighbors
Boycott - Economy and Trade News 19 percent growth in export to Arab countries
Boycott - Israel Supporters Philanthropists aid Israeli ‘lone soldiers’
Boycott - Israel Supporters Israeli cafe chain may be targeted by protesters
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Black Panther stopped at border - 'Jewish lobby' blamed
Boycott - Israel Supporters Boycott Chapters & Indigo
Boycott - Other News Poll: 62% want Arab emigration
Boycott - Other News Stop treating Arab citizens like enemies
Boycott - Other News The many fronts of Israel's PR offensive
Boycott - Other News Israeli forces shoot pregnant Palestinian mother killing unborn baby
Boycott - Other News Rabbis protest joint Jewish-Arab event
Boycott - Tourism Girls - Israel's racy new PR strategy
Boycott - Other News IDF builds fake Muslim city to prepare for war
Boycott - Zionist Lobby University hit by anti-semitic website claims
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Children's author faces Jewish wrath
Boycott - Other News Palestinians 'routinely tortured' in Israeli jails
Boycott - Israel Supporters Herzog to bring Arsenal soccer legend to Israel
Boycott - Cultural John Berger and 93 other authors, film-makers, musicians and performers call for a cultural boycott of Israel
Boycott - Cultural John Berger rallies artists for cultural boycott of Israel
Lebanon People say no - Public opinion in Lebanon overwhelmingly rejects US-Israeli plans for cleansing Lebanon of Hizbullah
Lebanon Hezbollah rally against U.S.-backed government
Iran Diplomatic Exit
Other Racist poster stuck on Muslim shop near to mosque
Boycott - Euro News Israeli Ex-General Evades London Arrest on War-Crimes Charge
Boycott - Euro News IDF Officers May Face War Crime Charges in Europe
Boycott - Academic An Answer To Uri Avnery - One State Solution
Iran Iran to replace dollar with euro
Boycott - Cultural UK writer urges Brits to join Israel boycott
Boycott - Media Bias Israel, Racism, and the Canadian Media
Boycott - Academic Teacher's anti-Israel resolution angers Jewish group, parents, splits union
Boycott - Academic Supporting CUPE’s Israel Boycott - Talking Points for Canadian Unions
Iran In Ahmadinejad's Iran, Jews still find a space
Boycott - Other News Anti-Israel ad campaign set for Washington subway
Iran We need to kill him
Iran Former Mossad chief: Kill Ahmadinejad
Boycott - Economy and Trade News Dollar slide hitting high tech - Motorola Israel chief fears multinationals might close Israeli operations
Boycott - Media Bias NUJ Motions regarding reporting in Israel & Palestine
Boycott - Other News Rabbis ban schoolbooks showing pre-1967 border
Boycott - Euro News UK doctors call for boycott of Israeli Medical Association
Boycott - Other News Bank of Israel has 1 Arab employee
Boycott - Divestment Temple University call for divestment from Israel's military suppliers
Lebanon Hezbollah rises from ruins of its Beirut home
Other Crueller than fiction
Iran A humble beginning helped to form Iran's new hard man
Boycott - Euro News Call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel gains momentum in Germany
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Is Israeli faith in the US unshakeable?
Boycott - Academic Academic slams Israel for land grab
Boycott - Other News Anti-Semitism at IDF base
Boycott - Cultural A boycott by any other name ...
Boycott - Other News Emigration from Israel exceeds immigration, report
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Soros adds voice to debate over Israel lobby
Iran A win, win, win ending for Tehran
Boycott - Sports For one Iranian Olympian, national pride trumped medal dreams
Iran Bishop praises Iran
Boycott - Euro News Time to debate Israel
Boycott - Sports Sports boycott in Ireland: Show Israeli Apartheid the Red Card!
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Historian hits out at Jewish student lobby
Boycott - Academic Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment Against Israel by by Dr. Majed Nassar
Iran Between good and evil - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad versus Tony Blair
Boycott - Other News Israeli politician‎ calls for boycott of Israel
Boycott - Economic - World Iraq steps up anti-Israel boycott
Boycott - Sports Ireland v Israel
Boycott - Cultural Whose boycott is it, anyway
Boycott - Euro News British Jews break away from 'pro-Israeli' Board of Deputies
Boycott - Other News Palestinian Medical and Health Institutions Call for Imposing Measures against the Israel Medical Association
Boycott - Other News Researcher Says Israel Responsible for at least 97.8 Percent of Serious Human Rights Abuses in Conflict
Boycott - Zionist Lobby The Israel Lobby
Boycott - Euro News Jerusalem’s apartheid tramway
Boycott - Euro News Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign triumph over French multinational involved in Israeli tram project
Boycott - Euro News Dozens of Dutch companies support or facilitate Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territories
Boycott - Euro News Challenging Tramways of Apartheid - Swiss activists block Connex shuttle run
Boycott - Euro News Dutch bank divests holdings in Jerusalem light rail, cites settlements
Boycott - Zionist Lobby Theater won't stage controversial drama
Boycott - Other News Third of Russian immigrants prefer not to serve in IDF
Boycott - Other News Adolescents burn Israeli flag, mezuzahs
Boycott - Other News Trials against Connex/Veolia and Alstom in Egypt and France
Boycott - Israel Supporters From Israel with Ahava
Boycott - Sports Arsenal delays Israel ad campaign
Boycott - Israel Supporters BDI again names Teva as Israel's economic leader
Boycott - Israel Supporters UK firm means to take Tnuva global
Boycott - Other News When an anti-semite is not an anti-semite
Boycott - Other News Isolate Israel - Campaign for justice!
Boycott - Israel Supporters The Israel Veolia "Connexxion"
Boycott - Other News Pro-Palestinian French group appeals to stop Jerusalem tram
Boycott - Economic - World Saudis continue to boycott Israel
Boycott - Economic - World Arabs to tighten Israeli boycott
Boycott - Economic - Europe NUJ votes to boycott Israeli goods
Boycott - Other News Israel worst place for Holocaust survivors
Boycott - Divestment Student urges Stanford divestment from Israel
Boycott - Other News Rising anti-Semitism in Israel meets state's blind eye
Boycott - Other News Defusing Israel's "Demographic Bomb"
Boycott - Other News Demographic realities haunt Israel
Boycott - Other News Racists among us
Boycott - Arms US mulls upping military aid to Israel
Boycott - Sports Palestinian National Football Team Sabotaged
Boycott - Sports For Palestinian women soccer players, a field is a dream
Boycott - Sports Conflict affects sport and arts
Boycott - Sports FIFA considers action over air strike
Boycott - Other News Beyond Imagination
Boycott - Academic Why Do Irish Academics Persist In Advocating Boycott and Divesting From Israel?
Boycott - Economic - World Egyptian, Jordanian oppositions protest trade with Israel
Boycott - Other News The Evil of Collaboration
Boycott - Other News Saudis celebrate Condi birthday!
Boycott - Other News 64-year-old female suicide bomber attacks Israeli troops in Gaza
Boycott - Cultural Palestinian Filmmakers, Artists and Cultural Workers Call for a Cultural Boycott of Israel
Boycott - Other News Saudis lead Israel peace bid
Boycott - Other News Olmert filmed 'coaching' Prodi
Boycott - Other News Israel embarks on PR to change its image
Boycott - Academic Israeli Black Panthers support the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
Boycott - Other News Israel gets an 'F'
Boycott - Other News Israel launches campaign for a new public image
Boycott - Other News Don't mention the war: Israel seeks image makeover

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Love Letters to Gaza[31:08]
A unique theatrical event using personal messages of love, support and hope from people of all ages and all walks of life to the people of Gaza.
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journalist and documentary maker
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Antiwar Mass Assembly 8 Oct 2011
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Demo outside M&S Oxford Street(24 Sept 2011)
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Israeli Blood Diamonds Campaign
Al Quds Day rally, Trafalgar Square (31 Aug 2011)
Lauren Booth[5:24]
Al Quds Day rally, Trafalgar Square (31 Aug 2011)
Lauren Booth - Prayer for Gaza[2:46]
Al Quds Day rally, Trafalgar Square (31 Aug 2011)
Benny Morris - Historian or Racist?[34:07]
Activists oppose visit of racist Israeli historian Benny Morris who justifies ethnic cleansing and genocide.
Is Israel applying apartheid?[2:12:56]
Speakers: Yael Kahn, Jody McIntyre and Ghada Karmi (5 May 2011)
Karen Mitchell[48:27]
Partner at Thompsons Solicitors
Life changing visit to Palestine in 2008 (21 Feb 2011)
Ramzy Baroud[1:59:32]
Editor-in-chief of the Palestine Chronicle
"My Father Was A Freedom Fighter - Gaza's Untold Story" (25 Mar 2011)
Women United in the Intifada[2:31:36]
Speakers: Lizzie Cocker, Ewa Jasiewcz, Alaa Kassim, Yvonney Ridley, Isis Amlak, Sukant Chandan, Ramzy Baroud (14 Mar 2011)
George Galloway[1:01:48]
Solidarity with the Middle-East Revolution, support the people - oppose US/UK intervention (SOAS, 11 Mar 2011)
Omar Barghouti[55:08]
BDS Movement co-founder
"Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions" book launch (7 Mar 2011)
Shir Hever[1:49:09]
Alternative Information Centre
The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation, Kings College London (17 Feb 2011)
Why academic boycott of Israel[1:29:37]
Speakers: Mohammed Abuabdou(PSCABI), Mike Cushman(BRICUP), Jodey McIntyre(activist) (8 Feb 2011)
Dashed Hopes - Gaza Blockade[1:23:08]
Mohammed-Ali Abu Najela (Oxfam), Andrea Becker (MAP), Ewa Jasiewicz (Free Gaza Movement) (1 Feb 2011)
Jordan Valley: Apartheid[1:17:12]
Sarah Cobham(Brighton Jordan Valley Solidarity), Chris Osmond (Corporate Watch) (House of Commons, 1 Feb 2011)
Dump Veolia Demo[7:00]
Protesting at settlement supporter Veolia's sponsership of exhibit at the Natural History Museum (23 Oct 2010)
Boycott Israeli Dates [1/2][9:11]
Are you financing Israels brutal occupation this Ramadan?
Boycott Israeli Dates [2/2][9:05]
Are you financing Israels brutal occupation this Ramadan?
Lee Jasper [1/2][10:13]
[4 of 8] Genocide Memorial Day 2010 Session One, 17-1-2010
Lee Jasper [2/2][9:51]
[5 of 8] Genocide Memorial Day 2010 Session One, 17-1-2010
One Oppressor One Bullet[8:11]
Imam Achmad Cassiem, veteran of the armed struggle against apartheid in South Africa, speaks at the StW rally (London, 19 Feb 2005)
Salwa Alenat [1/2][9:56]
KavLaOved (Workers Rights hotline)
[1 of 8] Israel's Occupation - Abuse of Palestinian Workers (LSE 19 Nov 2009)
Salwa Alenat [2/2][8:57]
KavLaOved (Workers Rights hotline)
[2 of 8] Israel's Occupation - Abuse of Palestinian Workers (LSE 19 Nov 2009)
For Anwar [1of2][10:01]
Carmel Agrexco Valentines Action 7 Feb 2009
For Anwar [2of2][9:56]
Carmel Agrexco Valentines Action 7 Feb 2009
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"..anti-zionism is not anti-Semitic and this basic mistake, this confusion that anti-zionism is anti-Semitic should be realised by the western nations, and they should realise that supporting zionism helps to drag down the name of the Jewish people in to shame.. I just want to declare with regards to Palestinians and with regards to Muslims generally - there is no animosity between Judaism and Islam, Jews and Muslims have lived together in harmony for centuries in many many communities - in Palestine and many many other places until the advent of the zionist cancer."
Neturei Karta, Jews Against Zionism
Islamic Human Rights Commission 10th Anniv. Nov 2007 [12min / 5Mb]
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