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Gems from the
Holy Quran
Gems from the Holy Qur'an is a downloadable software product featuring seven suras from the Holy Qur'an. Each sura is recited in arabic and the full arabic script with english translation is given. Auto looping feature allows each sura to be recited in turn wth the arabic script and translation shown in sync with the audio. Additionally, information about the plight of muslims in Turkey is also included. 

Windows 95 is required (soundcard is useful). 
Screenshot of Gems from the Holy Qur'an 

Gems from the Holy Qur'an has been developed to assist the Islamic Human Rights Commission's (IHRC) campaign to free Sister Gul Aslan and other Prisoners of Faith in Turkey. Muslims  have been imprisoned in Turkey simply for practising Islam, hijab has been banned in Universities. Every penny collected from the sale of this software will go towards this campaign (in fact we request that you please do not send any money to us, but send it directly to IHRC). Please also explore our "Hijab Ban in Turkey" resource given below - its gives more information about the prisoners and there is a message board for you to leave your message of support to these imprisoned sisters and brothers.
Sister Gul Aslan arrested for her belief in Allah
Suggested Donation: UK £5 or US $8

How can 5 make a difference ? Click Here.

Please make UK cheques payable to IHRC. For US $ payments please send dollar bills (it costs more than £5 to convert a foreign currency cheque to UK £). Please download the software even if you cant afford to donate - there is information about Turkey on it which all muslims should be aware of. 

Send to: 

Turkish Prisoners of Faith Campaign 
Islamic Human Rights Commission 
PO BOX 598 
HA0 4XX 
United Kingdom 

Please make copies for all your friends and request that they also help.
Download  "Gems from the Holy Qur'an"  1.4Mb
Hijab Ban in Turkey

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