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[UK, London, Saturday 27th September 2003]


This war makes me ashamed to be British

"who let the bombs out
bush bush and blair
who let the bombs out
bush bush and blair

bush blair cia
bush blair cia
george bush we know you
daddy was a killer too

george bush we know you
daddy was a killer too"

Bliar our Shame - Liar Sham





Tony Benn

Tony Benn, veteran politician and peace campaigner.

"...What has happened in Iraq was the armed robbery of Iraq. The Americans went in and stole the oil and are now trying to sell of all the other Iraqi companies and property to the multinationals corporations!

...And I tell you more frightened than anyone else its President Bush because there is going to be a regime change in America next year when the Americans realise what he has done!

"Next Elections You're Out" - Blair shown as Bush's pink poodle
"Drop Bush Not Bombs" - Bush is shown wearing a corporate
Esso belt buckle and an "Israel" sleeve lapel.

...A lot of journalists come up and say whats the point [of coming to the rally]. Well I'll tell you what the point is. First time I came here was nearly 50 years ago, standing on this platform when Sir Antony Eden launched a war against Egypt - the Suez War - and a few months later Eden was out on his ear and we had a new Prime Minister. I was here in 1964, and I remember it very well, it was in support of a very well known terrorist and the next time I met him he had a Nobel Peace Prize and was President of South Africa, that was with the anti-apartheid movement! Trafalgar Square is the real parliament of this country!"


"I love Tony Benn"


Bush & Blair - Rogue Liars, Blair Must Go
Tony Blair, Geoff Hoon & Alaister Cambell -
Weapons of Massive amounts of Destruction Distraction + Deviation

Annette Place

Annette Place, from national executive of UNISON. Her message was of solidarity, ending with a reworked socialist slogan:

"...workers of the world unite, workers of the world unite against injustice, against fascism, against lies, against oppression, against globalisation... workers of the world unite against illegal war and against illegal occupation. Solidarity!"

United against lies and liars


"Snow white wants the truth!"

Playing Cards - the most popular deck!


The Stop the War Coalition has created its own deck of cards showing the war mongers and liars serving the US empire.


The shameful position of the Ace of Spades is held by the Big Liar Tony Blair as seen on this poster. Other cards from the pack can be seen on the left, apparently Claire Short appears as the joker in the pack.

Geoff Hoon, the british defence secretary, is the Ace of Clubs. His notoriety for lying to the British people before, during and after the war is truly legendary. In fact his name has become a synonym for the word liar. The caption reads "You ain't nothing but a Hoon dog lying all the time"


Posters from Birmingham Stop The War Coalitions:
"Prime Minister Prepare For The War Crimes Tribunal"
Blair, Saddam & Bush with caption "War Criminals"
Blair with devils mark 666 on his forehead and caption "Terrorist"
Blair with caption "This man Has Destroyed British Democracy"

Iqbal Sacranie

Iqbal Sacranie, General Secretary Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) touched on several subjects including the reconstruction of Iraq:.

"...The enormous damage the war in Iraq has caused, its infrastructure and institutions, is a result of this unjust war. The consequences of a war that was not sanctioned by the international community. The architects of the war must therefore pay for the reconstruction of Iraq. They must not be allowed to put the cost on the people of Iraq! ..."

US / UK Troops Out Of Iraq NOW



Bush & Blair: Wanted for crimes against humanity

Ken Loach

Ken Loach, Britain's foremost progressive film maker.

"Its been an amazing week. Lies that we all knew were lies are now unravelling. Hans Blix has finally said that Iraq destroyed almost all its weapons 10 years ago. The CIA backed Iraq survey group with one thousand four hundred inspectors with microscopes in six months haven't found a button! Of course we knew they wouldn't find anything but the people who could have told them were no less than Colin Powell and Condaliza Rice. They were quoted in John Pilger's fine film on Monday night - before 9/11 Colin Powell saying that Saddam Hussein has not developed weapons of mass destruction and again in May 2001 'Saddam has not been able to develop weapons of mass destruction in the last 10 years'. This was known two years ago, now is Blair saying he didn't know these things? And if he did know them why is he lying to us now?

It is of course all lies, because the real reason emerged again this week with the news that the US stooges in the Iraqi provisional authority are to sell off 192 publicly owned companies in Iraq. Unlimited profits will leave that country at small corporate tax and the door is open. They smashed the shop front and now they are reaching in and grabbing the jewels!

McShit - the truth about McDonalds
e cannot oppose the war unless we oppose
corporate power at the same time - its one and
the same

I think we cannot oppose the war unless we oppose corporate power at the same time - its one and the same issue! Consider the logic of corporate power - they need cheap labour, they need cheap resources, they need to reorder the economy in the interests of their own big companies, and they need cheap oil. And thats why the war was fought and we knew it all along and now the proof comes out.

Consider the world the multinationals are making. Its a world of great inequality, it is the rape of the earths resources, it is the destruction of local communities, and most of all it is permanent war against everyone who raises their voice against the US forces. If its not the 'evil empire' it'll be the 'axis of evil' or even the 'war on terrorism' the words are interchangeable but we are faced with permanent war.

Never in modern times has there been such a concentration of power and wealth. Never has there been a US president more naked in pursuing class interests, and never has there been a UK prime minister so supine and forning in his favour..."


Murder: It's The Real Thing - Coca-Cola
From 1966 onward Coca-Cola has been a staunch supporter of Israel.
In 1997 the Government of Israel Economic Mission honoured Coca-Cola
at the Israel Trade Award Dinner for its continued support of Israel
for the last 30 years For more information see
Boycott Coca-Cola


"Humanitarian like Hell"

Global Resistance


"Pirates of the Arabbean" with label on lapel "capitalist scum"
standing in front of the tank of the "global resistance".

The side of the tank shows some of the corporate enemies of
the resistance - Halliburton, Exxon, Shell, IBM, Bechtel, Nestles,..
Nestles and IBM are on our Boycott Israel list and Halliburton
and Bechtel are two of the companies with close ties to the
White House who have been awarded huge reconstruction
contracts for Iraq (follow the links for more information)



Bush as Godzilla

Wrest control of Labour from the 2nd Hand Car salesman

Ismael Patel

Ismael Patel, Chair of Friends of Al-Aqsa. He reminded us that the problem of Israel was not just its occupation of Palestine, its root problem is the racist ideology its founded on:

"...Zionism is a discriminatory ideology. We must dismantle this ideology, we must de-zionise Israel. We must work towards integration and not separation... ..."

Free Palestine



Weapons of mass destruction mutalate and kill children - Iraq 2003

Andrew Murray

Announcements made by Andrew Murray, Stop the War coalition:

"...I'd just like to announce that we believe a 100,000 people at least have marched in London today..."

<< Cheers from the crowds >>

"And you may like to know at lunch time the BBC, there have been some criticism with BBC journalism, they were saying this demonstration had two thousand people on it!

<< Laughs >>

"I think its the BBC's numeracy that needs looking at..."


The people the BBC doesn't see



Even children cant believe the lies anymore, placard shows Blair saying:
"We're helping the people in Iraq" and pointing to his lengthened noise
the caption reads "Yeah right and Pinnocio is just a story"


Cardiff Activist Arrests Bomber Blair!

llantwit, 30.09.2003 17:24

A peace protestor from Cardiff has performed a citizen’s arrest on the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

The arrest took place during Blair’s speech to the labour party conference in Brighton today. He alerted a nearby police constable to the heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the UK army during the war, and the continuing illegal occupation of Iraq.

Sadly the officer arrested the wrong man, and the activist (who prefers to remain anonymous at present) is currently sitting in a cell in Bournemouth police station.

The protestor commented: ‘I feel it is my duty as a citizen of the UK, and of the world, to make sure that Tony Blair is held accountable for the illegal and immoral war he has perpetrated.’

‘The war itself was an atrocious act of unilateral aggression against a sovereign state, and the campaign against the Iraqi people was highlighted by attacks on a non-combative population, non-military targets and defenceless towns, villages, settlements and buildings.’



The War is Not Over
Not for the Iraqis, Not for the Americans, Not for the British
How many more must die? End the occupation.

"free the people of iraq
troops back troops back"

"Time is to our side, we belong to the land
and it belongs to us!" Husam Zumlot

Husam Zumlot, Councillor for political affairs for the Palestinian general delegation to UK. He started by talking of the US harbouring of Israeli terrorism:

"We live in today's world where we hear the Israeli government publicly announce its decision to assassinate the democratically elected Palestinian leader, and when the whole international community condemns the Israeli act and proposes a UN security council resolution asking Israel not to do so the United States of America veto's it!

On the road map:

In Palestine there is always a new road map ... On the first day that agreement was signed an Israeli labour government starting building settlements ... it is evident to us all by now that there is an Israeli strategy and this strategy is very very simple - the prevention of the establishment of a Palestinian state. What the Israelis want is a state that they can control from within by building settlements, bi-passage roads, walls, and by making sure they control every single town and city.

On the apartheid wall:

By building an apartheid wall, and dear friends I repeat this is an apartheid wall, by building an apartheid wall inside the occupied territories snaking through the Palestinian land, carving towns and villages in to cantons and bantustans, converting the entire West Bank in to a massive concentration camp and after having built the same in Gaza Strip just days after signing the Oslo Accords Israel thinks and believes that the Palestinian aspiration to independence can be crushed. Nothing can be further from the truth, it is the other way round, dear friends it is Israel that has come to the conclusion that its massive arsenal of weapons of mass destruction will not be able to defeat the Palestinians.

And on the future:

Dear friends I say this with a great deal of confidence, time is on our side, we belong to the land, and it belongs to us, and we are there not only to stay but to rebuild Palestine and place it back to the centre of human civilisation."

Giant Palestinian flag with messages
"End Israeli Terror" and "Free Palestine"



Drop Blair - Not Bombs

Bomber Blair


Lindsey German

Lindsey German, convener of the stop the war coalition.

"I would like to thank everyone who has come here today because you are here today representing the conscience of millions of people in this country and you are here representing the majority. The latest opinion polls show that 52% of the people now think this war is not justified and was never justified.

Alaister Cambell told us back in April that we should apologise for opposing the war, I think in view of subsequent events perhaps Alaister Cambell should apologise to the rest of us... and if he should apologise where does that leave the cheap liar and war criminal Tony Blair?

What a lie it was when George Bush stood on the aircraft carrier against the banner which said "mission accomplished" and said the war is over. Since then a thousand Iraqis a week die and more American soldiers have died than during the war itself...

And when we are told its about democracy, look at what they are doing. They are privatising the country ... and they are denying democracy. They are saying to the Iraqi people, "you are too stupid to run your own country". Well we have a message for Tony Blair and George Bush, the Iraqi people want to run their own country, they have every right to run their own country and this occupation is an illegal colonial occupation which must end now..."

WMD - Where's My Democracy?



Blood stained American flag with the words "No Oil War"

Poetry Placard

This nice poem appeared on one of the placards

Get It Wrong Right Honourable?

Don't say you care Bully Boy Blair!
You've got the push Cowboy Bush!
What are you for Jack Donkey Straw?
I D S - party a mess
Mr Kennedy - a remedy?
Just stop the war
And don't hurt any more!

For A Lost World, copyright Sally Rose

Message on Hand - Blair Out!

George Monbiot

George Monbiot, campaigning journalist, writer and political commentator.

"Many of the people who are opposed to the occupation of Iraq by US and British forces have called for those forces to be replaced by United Nations forces. I think this will be a very bad mistake. And I think it will be a very bad mistake for three reasons.

The first, is that it makes the UN the dustbin in to which the US dumps it failed colonial adventures. If the UN shows that its prepared to mop up after the United States then it enhances its [US] incentive, to date George Bush's perpetual war to one nation after another. The paradoxical effect to be that the hated UN becomes the escape valve for George Bush, the way in which he can get out of Iraq in order to win the next election.

The second reason why its a disastrous idea is that tough as the current arrangement may be for the american soldiers and indeed for the Iraqi people, the best place for the US armed forces at the moment is pinned down in Iraq because while they are stuck there they can't go on and invade anywhere else! The pentagon has made it perfectly clear that it's not prepared to fight more than one war at a time.

And the principle reason why it has approached Iran and North Korea not with bombs but with diplomacy is that it cant spare the troops and it cant spare the resources because it is stuck in Iraq. Again if the UN gives Bush a way out he will use that way out to go and attack another nation.

There is a third reason why it would be a disaster. Its that the United Nations at the moment has no more legitimacy than the united states.

And the force either in occupation or out of occupation, it is governed by five nations - the principle victors of the second world war. And the idea that this wholly undemocratic body can oversee someone else's transition to democracy is laughable. The only country at the moment whose veto carries weight within the United Nations is the United States. A UN decision can only be made if George Bush wants it to be made, and George Bush will only want it to be made if its in his interest.

The only thing that the UN occupation would do would be to grant retrospective legitimacy to an illegal US occupation. It simply replaces occupation heavy with occupation light.

So what is the answer? The answer is so blindingly obvious that it seems staggering that we even need to ask the question! The answer is that the transition to democracy and the transition to the power being placed in the hands of the Iraqi people starts right away! it starts with a constitutional convention established by and run by the Iraqis - not the occupying powers. It ensures that constitutional convention determines what the Iraqis want - not what Blair wants, not what Bush wants. It determines that the major decisions are made not before democracy comes to Iraq but once democracy comes to Iraq. In short the essential process of national negotiation and reconciliation within Iraq, which is essential if democracy is to have any meaning there, can take place.

So of course Bush isn't going to permit either route to happen. He will allow himself to be bogged down in Iraq because he can't bear to loose face in getting out. And the result is likely to be that Iraq will swallow George Bush and his imperial plan just as Afghanistan swallowed the Soviet empire!

And we as the opponents should seize trying to help George Bush from his own folly - let him go down! Let his own imperial ambitions swallow his imperial ambitions!"

Bush the new Hitler - the parallels between American fascism
that we see today in its lust for global domination and Nazism
of yesterday is blazingly clear for all to see.



Something the zionists never learnt

Donnachadh McCarthy

Donnachadh McCarthy, Deputy Chair Liberal Democrats.

"Blair is said to want to leave a legacy as Prime Minister - 50.000 dead, 10s of 1000s of people maimed and injured, a bill of over 100 billion dollars - some legacy for Prime Minister.

Yet, a fraction of that money could have eliminated world malaria, halted the scourge of Aids in Southern Africa and tackled the outrage of 40,000 British pensioners dying every winter from cold. That would have been a legacy to have been proud of.

Tears poured down my face last week as I listened to Azmet Begg at our party conference. Moazzam, Azmet's son kidnaped by the US, taken to Guantanamo bay, held without trial or basic human rights - a disgrace! Muslims too deserve human rights!

... But the Blair... initiative is not just selling us out, it is actually going far beyond Iraq and Guantanamo. Blair has greed that our citizens can be extradited to the US without any due process - some special relationship! Blair has allowed US corporations to buy UK media but prevents us from buying theirs - some special relationship!"

The cost of war - Our sons



Great one-liners highlighting Americas greed for oil:
"The Middle East is NOT America's private petrol station"
"Let's bomb Texas, They have oil too"


Iraq: The Missing Billions

Money is the root of war

10/23/03 (Christian Aid - UK)

A staggering US$4 billion in oil revenues and other Iraqi funds earmarked for the reconstruction of the country has disappeared into opaque bank accounts administered by the US-controlled Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) that rules Iraq. By the end of the year, if nothing changes in the way this cash is accounted for, that figure will double.

'This is Iraqi money. The people of Iraq must know where it is going and it should be used for the benefit of all the country's people - particularly the poorest,' said Roger Riddell, Christian Aid's international director.

The current situation goes to the heart of claims and counter-claims about how Iraqi oil revenue should be used. It can only fuel the serious suspicion in Iraq that a disproportionate amount of cash is being creamed off for the benefit of US companies - money that should be spent on alleviating the chronic unemployment and other serious problems faced by Iraqis, including the poorest and most vulnerable.

The fact that billions of dollars of Iraq's own money cannot now be accounted for can only add to a burning sense of injustice.

'We have absolutely no idea how the money [from Iraqi oil revenues] has been spent,' one senior European diplomat to the UN told Christian Aid. 'I wish I knew, but we just don't know. We have absolutely no idea.'

The missing billions are a combination of pre- and post-war oil revenues now controlled by the CPA, plus seized Iraqi government assets and funds vested overseas. Conservative estimates put the total at US$5 billion, of which less than US$1 billion can be accounted for. Estimated oil revenues between now and the end of the year are expected to total a further US$4 billion.

This money is distinct from the reconstruction funds promised by the US and UK governments, and from any cash that is raised from other governments at the Madrid conference. This is Iraqi money that should be spent for the benefit of all Iraq's people, not sat on in secret by an unelected foreign administration.

'The situation is little short of scandalous,' said Roger Riddell.


Tony Blair You're Fired!

Jill Evans

Jill Evans, Plaid Cymru MEP and Welsh CND chair.

"...We want a reformed United Nations, one true to its aim of 'saving future generations from the scourge of war'. Just look at the United Nations now - between 1996 and 2000 the permanent members of the security council were together responsible for 81% of all arms exports. War is big business for them!..."

Weapons of Mass Destruction:
Iraq 0 USA 10,000



IRAQ: US Rules, Chaos Reigns

They Die We Consume

Street theatre with an important message.

Our consumer society - the multinationals through their advertising and marketing manufacture consumerism and then go on to feed it through death and destruction in other parts of the world. All in the name of profit.

"They Die We Consume"
Ronald relaxing - fancy a big mac?

Now you know what Esso stands for.

The blood soaked stars & stripes,
always there to help its multinationals pillage the world.




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