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Art of the
Islamic Revolution CD-ROM
Undoubtedly the single most significant success for the Muslim Ummah this century is the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Even non-muslims recognise this, the famous post-modernist scholar Michel Foucault described it as a revolution of the spirit in an age without the spirit
Now for the first time experience the Islamic Revolution through the glorious art it has inspired. Nearly 200 paintings spanning two decades of the Islamic Revolution are presented here. Set against a musical score, this multimedia feast is guaranteed to move your soul, and open your hearts and minds to the gift Allah has bestowed on us in our life times. 
Art of the Islamic Revolution CDROM cover
Two separate applications are provided, one allows you to set this presentation (with sound and animation) as your screen-saver whilst the other allows you to view individual paintings as a photo album, with full functionality to export, print or set as windows wallpaper any painting.  
Min. Requirements: Windows 95,
16Mb RAM, CDROM drive,  (Sound card optional)

Price: Only £12

Sample Paintings
"The Vampires of the West and East all feeding on the Muslim Ummah."
"Transformation to stone. 
Man is shaped by what he reads, books of stone - man transforms to stone. The Holy Qur'an unread, is left under a rock."
"Death by Veto. 
This painting depicts the injustice at the core of the UN."
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