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Site Applet

The Site Applet is a totally generic framework for holding huge amounts of multimedia content for both the web and CD-ROM delivery channels. It comes in two forms, a java applet to run across the web and a stand alone windows 95 application for optimal performance on PCs. The application the Site Applet is to host is written only once to run in both environments without ANY modifications.

Our "Islamic Thought CD-ROM" was developed utilising the Site Applet. It is a native windows 95 multimedia CD-ROM application which extends its functionality by connecting to the web (a bit like Microsoft Encarta). 

An limited early pre-release java web based version is available here for your viewing. 

"Islamic Fun CD-ROM" was also entirely developed utilising the Site Applet. The childrens application is full of animated games revolving around a datasource of over a 1000 questions (questions and answers fully utilise sound, images and text). The Site Applet has proved to be flexible enough to meet these requirments. 

Do you have a catalogue, brochure or a book that needs to be published on CD-ROM or on the web? Or a combination of both, i.e. a cd-rom whose data is extended via an internet connection ? The Site Applet is the solution. 

Contact us if you are interested in licencing the Sit Applet, or if you wish us to develop a Site Applet based application for you. One of the many benefits of using the site applet is quick turnaround time and easy asset preperation (images easily fit into a grid, and the site applet itself provides your application an ergonomic look and feel - less worry for  you).