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Ms Turan Jamshidian

Interviewed on 14th September 2001,
Ms. Jamshidian was a speaker at the
"Woman in Islam" Conference in London

Q1: Can you please introduce yourself?

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Q2: What is the purpose of Mahjubah - what are its aims, and what is its target audience?

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Q3: Can you tell us about Mahjubah's production and history: when did it start, how many people work on it, how many copies are printed, and where is it distributed, and in which countries is it most popular?

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Q4: Mahjubah is undoubtedly a success story from which other Islamic publications can learn. What qualities in Mahjubah do you attribute its success to?

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Q5: How do you see the magazine developing in the next 5 years?

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Q6: Mahjubah regularly features interviews with interesting and important personalities, can you tell us which interview was your favourite and which one had the greatest impact on you?

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Q7: How has the formation of an Islamic State effected the role of women, and their level of participation, in Iranian society?

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Q8: We have Islamic magazines dedicated to women, Islamic forums specifically to discuss womens issues in Islam, etc. but no equivalent focus on men - do you think that we are ignoring the importance of Islamic education for men?

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Q9: In a recent issue of Mahjubah (vol20 5&6 p4) civilization was defined as: "civility and the growth and perfection of human beings who respect one another's rights and who do not violate the rights of others.", with this in mind do you think it is meaningful to hold a "Dialogue Among Civilizations" with the usurping West?

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Q10: What do you see as the greatest benefit the success of the Islamic Revolution has brought to the lives of an average family in Iran?

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Q11: For us living in the West, one of the greatest challenges is to bring up our children as Muslims. With the experience gained in living in an Islamic State with its very young population, what advise would you give us?

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Q12: What do you see as the most important challenge facing the Islamic Republic today, and how should it overcome it?

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Q13: What message you do have for the Muslims living in the West?

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