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Hanes - Intimate apparel, hosiery, socks, knitwear, workwear, casualwear
Hillshire Farm - meat
Playtex - Intimate apparel
Champion - Men's and women's athletic apparel and men's underwear
Leggs - Hosiery
Jimmy Dean - meat
Douwe Egberts - Coffee and coffee systems
Sara Lee Bakery
Bryan - meat
Dim - Intimate apparel, hosiery
Ambi Pur - Air fresheners
Ball Park - meat
Bali - Intimate apparel
Superior Coffee - Coffee and coffee systems
Just My Size - Intimate apparel
Kiwi - Shoe care
Maison Cafe - Coffee and coffee systems
Aoste - meat
Nur die - Hosiery
Pilao - Coffee and coffee systems
Lovable - Intimate apparel, men's underwear, socks
Outer Banks - T-shirts, sportshirts
Wonderbra - Intimate apparel
Sanex - Body care
Pickwick - Tea
Gossard - Intimate apparel
Body Mist - bodycare  
Brylcreem - bodycare  
Aqua Velva - bodycare  
Radox - bodycare  


Sara Lee owns 30% of Israels leading textile company Delta Galil.[4] Sara Lee is the world's largest clothing manufacturer, this opens the worlds markets to Israel, with cloths originating in Israel being sold around the world under one of the many famous Sara Lee brands.[3]

In 1998, Mr. Lucien Nessim of Sara Lee Personal Products received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded by the "State of Israel" in recognition of those individuals and organizations, that through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to strengthen the Israeli economy. [2]

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Israeli Embassy List of United States Companies with Investments in Israel:

Sara Lee - 25% interest in Delta Galil. JV with Nilit for production of POY yarns (9/96)



Friends of Al-Aqsa

[source for Jubilee List - Islamic Human Rights Commision]



American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise:

"Sara Lee, for example, has a minority interest in Delta Galil Industries, an underwear and sock manufacturer in Israel, and now distributes its clothing around the United States."



Jerusalem Post, March 1, 1999

"Delta Galilis the nation's largest manufacturer and marketer of textiles and is one of the largest private-label underwear manufacturers in the world.

The company was one of the first local firms to benefit from the peace process, as it moved manufacturing to neighboring countries with low labor costs. Delta currently manufactures in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Scotland.

Dov Lautman, Delta's chairman and largest shareholder holds 56% of the company and Sara Lee, the world's largest clothing manufacturer, has some 30%. The remainder is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange."



Investment Promotion Center,
The State of Israel Ministry of Industry & Trade website:

"Nilit of Migdal HaEmek has signed a joint venture agreement with The US-based Sara Lee Corporation to manufacture POY yarn. The two will collaborate in the creation of a new firm, S.N.Fibres, at a $30 million investment, to make the fibers. Under the terms of their agreement, all of S.N.Fibres' output will be purchased by Sara Lee for processing. Sara Lee has already been involved in various Israeli textile ventures. Nilit is a nylon manufacturer for the textiles and plastics industry."



Sara Lee website has an interesting anti-boycott statement:

Sara Lee employees and its agents
may not by law cooperate in any way
with an unsanctioned foreign boycott of
countries friendly to the United States.
The largest international boycott today is
the boycott of Israel and the related
blacklist of companies doing business
with Israel by certain Arab countries.
Any request for information or action that
seems to be related to this or any illegal
boycott should be immediately forwarded
to the Law Department.