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Emily Jacir
Anton Sinkewich
Oz Shelach
7 April 2002


We appeal to all artists of good conscience around the world to cancel all exhibitions and other cultural events that are scheduled to occur in Israel, to mobilize immediately and not allow the continuation of the Israeli offensive to breed complacency. Like the boycott of South African art institutions during apartheid, and the boycott of Austrian art institutions when Haider was elected, the art world must speak out against the current Israeli war crimes and atrocities.

We reach out our hand in support of all Israeli artists who are active against the occupation*. We support them and their work. It is especially important at this time to extend all our support to those brave Israeli artists who are against the current Israeli offensive and are speaking out against their own government.

We, members of the international art community are calling on Israel for a complete withdrawal back to the 1967 borders as well as a dismantlement of all West Bank settlements. We will boycott all Israeli art institutions and cultural events until that time.

We appeal for an end of the current military offensive in which Apache helicopter gunships, tanks, F-16s, M-16s, and anti-aircraft missiles are terrorizing an entire civilian population who were already living under the hardships of occupation.

We urgently appeal for food and drinking water, and for the general access of all humanitarian agencies. The situation is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.

We appeal for the safety of all individuals.

We appeal for medical supplies and access to medical treatment, electricity, water, phone lines and other necessary facilities.

We appeal for freedom of movement within all cities and outside all Palestinian cities. Before the current military offensive, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza were denied freedom of movement due to over 300 Israeli checkpoints. It is unforgivable that in the 21st century, people are killed just trying to get to work, deliver babies, or visit a relative in a neighboring village...

We appeal for the immediate end to vandalism, looting, humiliation, and gratuitous violence and destruction.

We appeal for access of humanitarian agencies, including the ICRC, Red Cross, and the Red Crescent to all detainees, prisoners and hostages, including Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, to ensure their well-being.

*Following a comment that naming five Israeli artists active against the occupation risks acting as a reverse "blacklist," we removed those names from the appeal. We nominate no one to compile lists of politically good or bad artists.



Keith Armstrong, academic/artist, Brisbane
Robert Birch, Friends of Palestine, Wickham NSW
Dr Tania Lewis, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Melbourne
Fiona Martin, Lecturer, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW
Maria Miranda, digital artist, Sydney

Marcy Jean Bölli, Musician,Wien

Robert Manchon, syndicaliste enseignant, Bruxelles
Mounir Zarour / Writer, Brussels

Amar Al allaq, Ph.D student , and journalist , Montreal
Gisele Amantea, Visual artist, Montreal
Fern Bayer, free-lance curator, Toronto
Carole Beaulieu, Visual Artist, Montreal
Alan Belcher, artist, Toronto
Ron Benner, Visual Artist, London, Ontario
Calvin Climie, Filmmaker, Ottawa
Yasmine De Aranda, Arts Student, Montreal
Maher El-Hage, Computer Support Analyst, Montreal
Professor Randa Farah, University of Western Ontario

Denis Franco, Culture and communication using theatre and video, Ottawa
Freda Guttman, Installation artist, Montreal, Quebec
Karen Guttman, dancer-choreographer, Le Groupe Dance Lab, Ottawa
Rawi Hage, Visual artist/writer, Montreal
Jamelie Hassan, Visual Artist, London, Ontario
Marwan Hassan, writer, Ottawa, Ontario
Maggie Helwig, poet and novelist, Toronto, Ontario
Teresa Hubel, Department of English, Huron University College, London, Ontario
Jonathan Inksetter, interdisciplinary artist, Cumbria, U.K. - Montreal, Quebec
Josee Lambert, Photographer, Montreal

Prof. Silvestra Mariniello, University of Montreal, Montreal
Catherine Quinn, Artist/Filmmaker, Vancouver, BC
Tilottama Rajan, Canada Research Chair in English and Theory, University of Western Ontario
Jayce Salloum, Media Artist, Vancouver
Julian Samuel, writer and film-maker, Montreal
Leila Sujir, Artist, Montreal, QC
Carla Whiteside, visual artist, Gatineau, Québec

Samirah Alkassim, Film, The American University in Cairo, Cairo
Nachoua el-Azhari, Translator
Mary E Behny , Registered Nurse, Cairo
Noha Farouk, MA student and part time actor, Cairo
Morgane Mokhtar, Translator, Cairo
Somaya Ramadan, Writer
Dr. Viola Shafik, filmmaker, Cairo

Marion baruch, visual artist, Paris
Alain Buffard, Choreographer, Paris
Aurore Evain, theater historian, Paris
Dominique Henry, Cameraman, Toulouse
Kenize Mourad, Writer
Christophe Perez, Physicist, Paris
Eyal Sivan, Filmmaker, Paris
Stephen Wright, Philosopher, Paris

Kamal AlJafari, Filmmaker from Palestine, Postgraduate student at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
Rebecca Bain, musician, Berlin
Geoffrey Garrison, visual arts, Berlin
Monika Jaeckel, Stuttgart
Stephan Kurr, concept art, Berlin

Ananya Chatterjee, Kolkata
Carol Ann Raphael, photographer/writer

Patrick Mac Donagh

Yochai Avrahami, Artist, Tel-Aviv

Giovanna Amadasi - Art Project manageer - Milan
Ottonella Mocellin, resident artist at PS1 Musemeum, NYC, Milan
Cesare Pietroiusti, artist, Rome
Mustafa Tell, Television production
Lello Voce, poet and performer

The Netherlands:
Laïla Al Harrak, journalist, Maastricht
Thomas L. Belyea, art historian, Amsterdam
deaudeaux, painting, video, design, Amsterdam
Nihal Rabbani, Media/Film, Amsterdam
Basema Salman, Muslim Women Foundation, Amsterdam

Lars Hoff, journalist and writer, Oslo

Ahmad Habash - Under Ocupation, Digital Filmmaker - Ramallah
Azza El-Hassan, Documentary filmmaker
Abdul Jawad Saleh, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council
Marwan Tarazi, IT consultant for Birzeit Unviersity, Jerusalem

Aida Ghardagian, art student, Gothenberg
Cecilia Parsberg, Stockholm
Konrad Werne, Valands Konsthögskola, Gothenberg

Fawzia Assaad, Egyptian author, Geneva

J.R. Alderman, art historian, London
Omar Al-Qattan, Palestinian-British film-maker, Sindibad Films, London
Henna Asikainen, Artist, Newcastle
Dr. K. El Farra
Rachel Garfield, London
Cathy Haynes
Juliette Karaman, London
Mark Little, University of Northumbria
Dina Matar, City University, London

Ipsita Mondal, South Bank Centre, London
Jenny Polak, artist, New York, London
Nicholas Postlethwaite, Liverpool
Michael Rosen, writer and broadcaster
Anouche Sherman, Poet and writer, London
Brian Stokoe, University of Northumbria at Newcatle
John Timberlake, artist, London

Reem Abu-Sbaih, osteopathic physician in training, Brooklyn, NY
Elizabeth Adams, Artist/Graphic Designer, Hartford, VT
Mimi Adams, artist/internet activist/librarian, NM
THINK AGAIN, Artist/Activist Collaborative, USA
Ammiel Alcalay, writer, NYC.
Michele Alexander, health researcher, Bethesda, Maryland
Dina Al-Kassim, Comparative Literature, UC Irvine, CA
D. Alwan, artist/architect, Jamaica Plain, MA
Ayreen Anastas, artist, Brooklyn, NY
Andrea Araj, Journalist, San Francisco, CA.

Katharine Atkinson, art student, Greensboro, NC
Naseer Aruri, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA
George Azar, photojournalist/writer/lecturer, Berkeley, CA
Manjushree M. Badlani, Director, Human Resources, ICRW, Washington, DC
Craig Baldwin, arts educator, San Francisco, CA
Beth Batton, Photographer, Jackson, Mississippi
Brian Bishop, Artist, Durham, NC
Yael Bitton, filmmaker, NYC
Kirstin Butler, Curatorial Fellow, Whitney Independent Study Program, NYC
Edith Cacciatore, retired Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing, Novato, Marin, CA

Rebecca Campbell, Art Student, Sewanee, TN
Ellen Cantarow, pianist, Medford, MA
Davide Cantoni, Italian artist, NYC
Professor Rand Carter, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY
Victoria Cervantes, visual artist,videographer. Chicago, Illinois
Ruchi Chaturvedi, Phd Student, Columbia University, NY
Susanna Cole, Independent Curator, Phd Student, Art History, Columbia University, NYC
Lindsey Cook, Writer, Sheffield, MA
Leigh Anne Couch, poet, NC
Andrew Courtney, artist, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Jason Cxerwonka, Long island City, NY
Abdelali Dahrouch, Artist, writer, video and installation, LA, CA
Abdullah Daouk, Middle East & Comparative Literature, Columbia University, NYC
Aissa Deebi, Palestinain artists, Enfield, NH
Eduardo Difarnecio, Artist, NYC
Andrew Doak, Student, University of the South, Sewanee, TN
Aissa Deebi, Palestinain artist, Enfield, NH
Caroline Dix, Photography, TN
Maureen Donahue, graduate student in international affairs, NY
Leeza Doreian, Visual Artist, NYC

Hanan Dudley, Homemaker, Oregon
Leslie Edwards, Studio Arts Major, University of the South Sewanee, TN
Arlyn Ende, Director, University Art Gallery, University of the South, Sewanee. TN
James Esber, Visual Artist, Brookly, New York
Sana Fadel, Non-profit management, NYC
Rebecca Faulkner, curator, Brooklyn, NY
Jane Fine, Visual Artist, Brooklyn, NY
Coco Fusco, Director of Graduate Study, Visual Arts Division, Columbia University, NY
Amy Elise Graner, Los Angeles, CA
Susan Greene, Artist, Clinical Psychologist, San Francisco, CA

Ruben Guevara, Artist/Activist/Educator, Los Angeles, CA
Sally Gutierrez, visual artists/professor of contemporary art Estudio Navas, Madrid/adjuntct faculty, New School University, NY, Madrid-NY
Helen Gyger NY-based Australain artist
Alia Hasan-Khan, artist, Brooklyn, NY
Ashley Hunt, Artist, NYC
Rizwan Javaid, Web/Graphic Designer, SAFERTEK, Irving, TX
Patrick Johnston,, Seattle, Washington
Rachel Jones, filmmaker, NYC.
Pierre Joris, poet
Raj Kahlon, Artist, Whitney Independent Study Program, NY

Sally Krasinski, advertising, Nashville, TN
Viva Krasinski, Arts Administrator and Musician, Venice, CA
Annemarie Kattan Jacir, filmmaker, NYC
Jamil Khader, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Stetson University, Deland, FL.
Omar Koury, Actor, NYC
Cynthia Large, artist, NYC
Amanda C. Lee, National Asian American Telecommunications Association, SF, CA
Mikael Levin, artist, NYC
Cynthia Madansky, artist, NYC and Istanbul
Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz, artist, Arabic Professor at University of Detroit, Mercy, MI

Jordan Martins, Art major, University of the South, Sewanee, TN
Anthony McCann, Cultural Policy/Social Theory, Washington DC/Ireland
Conor McGrady,Artist, Chicago
John Menick, artist and writer, NYC
John Miller, Editor, GREEN MAN ARK, Roosevelt Island, NY
Paul Noursi, Engineer, Washington DC
Nigel Parry, Singer-songwriter, St. Paul, MN
Jenny Perlin, artist, NYC.
Nicole Peyrafitte, Performance Artist, Albany, NY

Csaba Polony, Left Curve Publications, Oakland, CA
Laura Postell Wilson, artist, San Francisco, CA
Suzan Pour-Sanae, SEIU Research Associate/Organizer, LA, CA
Manry Porter, photography, Sewanee, TN
Cory Potts, teacher's aide, Black Pine Circle School, Berkeley, CA
Souhad Rafey, American Academy of Arts and Letters, NYC
Kamran D. Rastegar, filmmaker, Columbia University, NYC
Shira Robinson, Doctoral Student, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Jose Roca, Curator, NY
Magdalena Rodriguez, artist NYC

Shoshana Rosenfeld, Independent Filmmaker, Berkeley, CA
Nicholas Rule, Artist, NYC
Lara Saba, Activist, Columbus, Ohio
Jeffrey Sacks, Writer, NYC
Cara Sanders, Designer, Atlanta, GA
Paige Sarlin, artist, NYC
Francis Sarguis, retired attorney, Santa Barbara, CA
Deborah Schildt, Palmer, Alaska
Trebor Scholz, artist and curator, NYC
Patrick Scully, performance artist, Minneapolis, MN

Kristin Semke, Sculpture Student, Sewanee TN
Betty Shamieh, writer, NYC.
Shelly Silver, artist, educator, NYC
Veronika Soul, filmmaker, New York, NY
Selime Okuyan Swonder, digital/video artist, NY
Timur Swonder, sculptor, NY
Leyya Tawil, Choreographer, Oakland, CA
Meredith TenHoor, writer/artist, Brooklyn, NY
Valerie Tevere, Artist, NYC
Nader K. Uthman, Fellow of the Faculty, Columbia University, NY

Tom Winburn, physicist, New York City
Nasri Zacharia, artist, filmmaker, NYC


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